Sean Graham – Founder and Owner of the Patent for Finview

Sean’s interest in property started at age 19 when he bought his first investment property. Sean began his career in Residential Property Development at age 22. His foray into the industry started by working for Developers Town and Country Austwide Pty Ltd, then moving on to The Ralan Group Pty Ltd.

At age 25, with the blessing of his former employer William O’Dwyer CEO of The Ralan Group, Sean went on to open his first Property Development Company, Graham Development Corporation Pty Ltd (GDC).

To add to the range of services he was able to offer his Clients, he built a strategic alliance with four other companies. These included Northern City Finance, AKS Homes, Tony Pereira Lawyers and DBA Financial Design. Sean then led the team utilising technology he developed which then provided a “one-stop shop” specialising in helping small to medium property investors. Sean’s commitment to always providing a “Win Win” outcome for all parties with whom he does business, provided the group of companies and their Clients with great success.


  • Comprehensive understanding of Residential Property Investment, Financing and Superannuation strategies.
  • Successful development of both desktop and online programs.
  • Over 20 years’ experience as a Residential Property Investor and Developer, which has included tailoring commercial advice as an Industry Consultant.
  • Inventor- Sean has achieved four granted patents in Australia.
  • Confident Public Speaker/ Presenter.

Projects Completed 1995 to 2001:

38 Units: Constructed and sold in Joint Venture Partnerships

26 Units at Bay Shore Central, Mond Street, Thorneside

12 Units at the corner of Granada and Glenora Streets, Wynnum

189 House and Land Packages Constructed and Funded by Sean:

The homes are located at the following locations;

93 Homes at Pebble Beach Estate, Sandstone Point, Bribie Island on;

Bestman Road East, Queenscliff Court, Mossman Way, Collaroy Street, Smout Court, Praeger Place, Mackeral Street, Carpenter Way and Albert Place

26 Homes at The Pines Estate, Kallangur on;

Freedom Drive and Neerim Close

21 Homes at Bayview Country Club Estate, Mt Cotton on;

Orchid Drive, Flindersia Drive, Jonquil Court and Petunia Crescent

15 Homes at Mango Hill Estate, Mango Hill on;

Kalmia Close and Limosa Court

34 Homes at Dakabin on;

Karaman Court, Gunsynd Drive, Adraan Court, Corinto Court, Raffindale Avenue and Surround Street

When his father passed away in 2000, he closed GDC and took a year off in 2001 to travel and pursue other interests outside of business.

Upon his return he went on to upgrade the technology he was using at GDC to create a new financial planning programme called “Mi Money”. He designed the new look and feel, then increased the functionality of the program to incorporate investment properties, shares, and superannuation. After a year of development, the programme now web based produced a 34 page report showing investors how to build a portfolio that would assist them to pay off their home sooner and help them to achieve the income they desire in retirement.

He went to work on marketing the licensing rights to the leading banks in Australia. Great interest in “Mi Money”
was expressed at the HQ of Westpac Bank in Sydney, the HQ of the Commonwealth Bank also in Sydney and at the HQ of Suncorp Metway in Brisbane . When he recognised the change in the market place at the end of 2002 due to the ‘bursting of the internet bubble’, Sean decided to hold back the release of Mi Money and wait for a more favourable economic time in the future.

Projects completed from 2003 to Present Day:

In 2003 he returned fulltime to property development. He founded the new business entities of Graham Development Trust, Delcorp Pty Ltd and Burrum Equity Capital Pty Ltd, Burrum Development Trust, General Corporate Trust and Bowen Land Holding Trust. These became known as “The Graham Group”. The group of entities provided Sean with a structure though which he would handle the project marketing, land acquisition and the development of his own stock. Funding for the groups site acquisition and construction activities was achieved by using his private portfolio of investment properties.

He then went on to negotiate the acquisition of a number of sites listed below. After completing his due diligence and cost feasibility, he worked with council and successfully project-managed various teams of professionals to obtain the development approvals required, then managed the groups of trades people who carried out the works needed to bring his vision for each site into existence as outlined below.

34 Gatling Road Cannon Hill:

A small lot subdivision

40 Telegraph Road Bald Hills:

A small lot subdivision

8 Ross Street Burrum Heads:

A small lot subdivision

Lot 2 William Street Howard:

A 220 Lot residential subdivision

In October 2012 Sean saw an opportunity due to the Mining Boom in Western Australia. He then set up Finview Australia Pty Ltd as a consultancy firm in early 2013. Working closely with Devine Limited and a number of other leading Property Development organisations, Sean provided his technology to assist their Clients who where considering weather or not to investment in Property either through a Self Managed Super Fund or purchasing using equity in their home. The technology also allowed the Investors to include both their existing portfolio and produce ‘what if scenarios’ to analyse what effect purchasing Shares, increasing their Super Contributions or Investing in Property, would potentially have on their retirement position and how much it may enhance their ability to reduce debt over their chosen period of time….before taking on any risk.

Once empowered with this knowledge the investor can make informed choices, that they have complete control over!

In a nutshell the great success of Graham Development Corporation Pty Ltd, The Graham Group, Finview Australia Pty Ltd all have one thing in common, the technology Sean created which has been continually enhanced over the last 23 years and helped thousands of Investors to understand how to plan their financial future themselves.

The web based version of this technology is called ‘Finview’.

Current Organisation:

In 2015 after merging Finview Australia Pty Ltd with a group of companies based in WA , he was free to once more follow his passion. His vision of being able to provide an affordable web based tool that will make investment decisions for the average person much easier to understand. The Patent for Finview was granted on the 24th of January 2017. Australian Government IP Patent Number: 2017100086.